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Native Content & Publicis North America worked closely with Sight & Sound Studios to help coordinate, equip and crew the Camera, Grip, Video Assist and Sound Department. Seasoned location manager, Jim Triplett, secured a number of stunning locations across the island of Oahu; from Makapu'u ridge to Kualoa Ranch.

"When Native Content approached us for Video Assist services, I was excited for the challenge. I was told that we'd be hitting a lot of remote locations, multiple company moves per day and limited available power; being flexible and mobile was a necessity. 

Our mobile QTAKE system was able the meet and exceed the production's expectations. I worked primarily out of a pickup truck; that way I could quickly deploy, wrap and move to the next location; important for a 1-man department. The Director, DP and Creative Team loved that QTAKE was able to quickly overlay graphic elements with a live view to assist with framing and visualize the final commercial as we were shooting it!"

-- Kevin Sawicki, VTR Operator

Walgreens, Thanks for Giving!

I just want to let everyone know how fantastic my experience was with Sight & Sound. Our production team came over from Los Angeles to shoot a commercial on Oahu. Everyone at Sight & Sound was beyond helpful and accommodating. We rented everything from them. Cameras, electric, grip, VTR, sound, and walkies. Looking forward to coming back to beautiful Hawaii and working with everyone from Sight & Sound!
— Alina Stevens, Production Supervisor
Director of Photography: Kip Bogdahn

Director of Photography: Kip Bogdahn

Sight & Sound Studios sports decades of production service experience in all aspects of the filmmaking process. From equipment and crew to coordination and advice, we want your experience in the islands to be painless and filled with aloha. Sight & Sound is an ally to producers, managers, supervisors, and coordinators - we help your production team put together the pieces of the puzzle (and we all know that the puzzle doesn't necessarily come with a picture on the box!)

Director: Thomas Beug

Director: Thomas Beug

Beyond collaboration with the Chelsea agency out of L.A. to assist in all aspects to get Walgreens' Thanks For Giving commercial off the ground, Sight & Sound personnel played integral parts on the crew.  Bill Maheras as gaffer, Kevin Sawicki as VTR, Steve DeFeo as Audio, hand-picked professionals in the grip & electric department and more.

The creative hearts and minds at Chelsea crafted a globe-trotting expression of Walgreens' humanitarian efforts - utilizing the diverse settings available in Hawaii to whisk viewers between Vietnam, Ecuador and Africa (all while never actually leaving the U.S.!) Hope that revelation doesn't break the spell, but we can't help but be impressed by the movie magic! Check it out below, and enjoy!

The ARRIMAX is here

Arrimax Arizona Memorial

The ARRIMAX is here! Day for night? How about night for day! Sight+Sound Studios is happy to offer this newly designed par head amidst of our already tapped out arsenal of lights, like any of our Arri 18K or 12K fresnels. On the 75th anniversary of the attack of Pearl Harbor we put the Arrimax to the test for Hawaii News Now's special newscast with Stephanie Lum and Keahi Tucker. Lighting Designer/Key Gaffer, William Maheras, worked throughout the night to have everything ready for Hawaii News Now's Sunrise broadcast; while Stephen Bacquet was on set to gaffe the evening report. Using a single Arrimax, we lit the entire Arizona Memorial from the pier of the USS Missouri, a total distance of 322 yards away! Bacquet flooded the light and dropped a full scrim to get it just right.

The Arrimax is now available in our inventory for your next project.

Some unique features include:

  • 50% brighter than a 12 K PAR
  • 15° to 50° continuous beam angle: standard reflector
  • 8° to 15° beam angle: spot reflector
  • Lens-less design
  • Arc-like shadow quality
  • ARRI eXtreme cooling
  • 18,000W Single Ended (GX51)
  • Easy re-lamping : EZ lamp lock system
  • ARRI Dual Pin Width support (GX51/GX38)

Prime Time: Sight & Sound gets ARRI Master Primes

ARRI / Zeiss Master Prime lenses are an industry standard offering excellent optical performance and liberating speed.

Sight & Sound now carries the 18, 25, 35, 50, 75, and 100mm as a standard set. The only one in the state. 

A T-stop range from T1.3 to T22 allows artists to shoot in more diverse situations with natural lighting. Zeiss and ARRI have engineered some incredible glass - unprecedented resolution, beautiful contrast, and virtually no breathing.

Realize your vision at the highest caliber of optics.

Available now.