HVCB Work From Hawaii Wins Webby Award

We were lucky enough to work with the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) and global marketing firm Edelman on a print and online ad campaign last year called “Work From Hawaii” - a short term residency program to connect mainland professionals from a diverse array of fields to local professionals, creators, artists, and businesses. The ad campaign is now a winner at the 2019 Webby Awards in Advertising, Media, and PR.

The print ads around the streets of New York City (courtesy of Jessica Oshita)

Sight and Sound Studios provided Production Management and Coordination and served as the primary local vendor for the team’s equipment needs.

It was a challenging, gratifying, and humbling experience traveling between six islands. We had the opportunity to collaborate with the talented individuals from Edelman New York who envisioned this program and many amazing people from Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Maui, and the Island of Hawaii.

Congratulations to Edelman on their award, HVCB, and all the incredible people who contributed to crafting images for this project. We also want to take the time to recognize some of the people who had to do the “work” to create “Work From Hawaii” - Photographer: AJ Feducia, Art Director: Jessica Oshita, Creative Director: Eden Lewis, Producer: Jennifer Carter-Campbell. And Special Thanks to: Melissa Pawneshing, Glenn Beadles, Kanoelani Davis, Shawn Pila, Angela Tillson, Josiah Ching, Paul Strouse, Joey Trisolini, Matt Yamashita, Ehman Productions, Work Horse Productions, Town Hospitality Group, Matt & Roxy aka Wooden Wave, Lana Lane Studios, Bub Pratt & Kukuai Studio

New Wireless Monitors - Focus Sidekick & 703 Bolt

SmallHD FOCUS Bolt Sidekick RX

The SmallHD FOCUS Bolt Sidekick RX combines SmallHD's popular FOCUS monitor with Teradek's Bolt 500 wireless receiver and Teradek's Sidekick receiver, all in a single unit. Using the built-in receiver, the Focus Bolt can receive uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2 HD video from a Teradek Bolt 500, Bolt 500 LT, Bolt 500 XT transmitters, a SmallHD FOCUS Bolt 500 TX, from up to 500' away, line-of-sight, as well as the Bolt 1000 and Bolt 3000 transmitters. Comfortable rubberized handgrips are included along with a neck strap, so you can comfortably hold onto the monitor as you roam around the set.

All rentals include necessary antennas and cables.

SmallHD Focus Sidekick RX & Arri WCU4

7" SmallHD 703 BOLT Wireless ULTRA BRIGHT Monitor

Combining a wireless video receiver and high-quality HD monitor, the SmallHD 703 Bolt 7" Wireless Monitor is an all-in-one director's monitor solution. Borrowing the wireless technology from Teradek, the 703 Bolt can receive uncompressed HD wireless signals from Bolt 500, 1000, or 3000 transmitters up to 300' away with no perceptible latency. With this feature, anyone can walk around the set while monitoring a camera feed, perfect for directors and camera assistants. Furthermore, despite the presence of a wireless receiver, the 703 Bolt maintains a slim profile similar to on-camera monitors.

All rentals include necessary antennas and Cables.

IMAC PRO - Portable Transcoding / Editing Workhorse


The Newest iMac Pro is now available for rent at Sight + Sound!

This souped-up system is a perfect all-in-one solution for transcoding footage and on-location editing. It features a beautiful 5K display, a fast 2TB internal SSD and Thunderbolt 3.0 (USB-C) ports that will make moving files a snap!

3.0GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.5GHz
64GB 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory
Radeon Pro Vega 64 with 16GB of HBM2 memory
Magic Mouse 2 - Space Gray
Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad - US English - Space Gray

Large Capacity Rental Raids and Color Accurate OLED Monitors also available for rent.


503 : 703.jpg


The Brightest 5-inch monitor available with HDR Preview, Waveform, 3D LUT support and 12v Lemo power
  • Construction: Anodized Aluminum Unibody Chassis
  • Panel Type: IPS LCD
  • Diagonal Size: 5
  • Brightness: 2200 nits
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Gamut: 100% Rec 709
  • HDMI: 1x Input, 1x Output
  • SDI: 1x 3g Input, 1x 3g Output
  • Custom LUTS: Yes - Loadable as Looks on Pages or as Systemwide Color Calibration via the settings menu
  • Mount Points: 1 ¼”-20 Thread on Top of Monitor, 1x ¼”-20 Thread on Bottom of Monitor, 1x ¼”-20 Thread on back of Monitor @ Bottom Center
  • HDMI: 1x Input, 1x Output
  • Cross Conversion: Yes: HDMI → SDI & SDI → HDMI
Rental Rate - $150/day


The Brightest 7-inch monitor available with HDR Preview, Waveform, 3D LUT support and 12v Lemo power
  • Construction: Anodized Aluminum Unibody Chassis
  • Panel Type: LTPS LCD
  • Diagonal Size: 7.02
  • Brightness: 2200 nits
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Gamut: 100% Rec 709
  • HDMI: 1x Input, 1x Output
  • SDI: 1x 3g Input, 1x 3g Output
  • Custom LUTS: Yes - Loadable as Looks on Pages or as Systemwide Color Calibration via the settings menu
  • Mount Points: 1 ¼”-20 Thread on Top of Monitor, 1x ¼”-20 Thread on Bottom of Monitor
  • HDMI: 1x Input, 1x Output
  • Cross Conversion: Yes: HDMI → SDI & SDI → HDMI
Rental Rate - $200/day
503 gimbal.jpg


TERADEK BOLT SIDEKICK LT - Compatible with Teradek Bolt 500s, 1000s + 3000s

The Teradek Bolt Sidekick can be used as an additional receiver for any Teradek Bolt 500s, 1000s + 3000s. The receiving range is 500ft.

SD/HD/3G-SDI Output Only. No HDMI.

All Teradek rentals include necessary antennas and D-Tap to 2-pin Lemo Cables.

Teradek Bolt Sidekick LT - $175/DAY


We have (1) XT transmitter & (2) XT receivers. HDMI & HD-SDI Inputs/Outputs.

All Teradek rentals include Gold-Mount to Gold-Mount Battery Cages, antennas and D-Tap to 2-pin Lemo Cables.

Teradek Bolt 500 XT Transmitter - $150/DAY

Teradek Bolt 500 XT Receiver - $175/DAY

Teradek Bolt XT Transmitter + XT Receiver - $300/DAY

Teradek Bolt XT Transmitter + (2) XT Receivers - $450/DAY

Teradek Bolt Sidekick LT may be used as additional receivers. Please visit our Teradek Bolt Sidekick page for pricing.


We have (2) transmitters, (3) receivers + (1) Array Panel in-house. HDMI & HD-SDI Inputs/Outputs.

All Teradek rentals include Gold-Mount to Gold-Mount Battery Cages, antennas and D-Tap to 2-pin Lemo Cables.

Teradek 3000 Transmitter - $250/DAY

Teradek 3000 Receiver - $250/DAY

Teradek 3000 Transmitter + Receiver - $450/DAY

Teradek 3000 Transmitter + (2) Receivers - $700/DAY

Teradek 3000 Transmitter + (3) Receivers - $900/DAY

Teradek Array Antenna - $50/DAY

Teradek Bolt Sidekick LT may be used as additional receivers. Please visit our Teradek Bolt Sidekick page for pricing.

Sight and Sound Wins 2018 Preservation Honor Award!


Sight and Sound Studios is the proud recipient of recognition by the Historic Hawaii Foundation for our work in creating an audio experience for visitors to the bridge of the Battleship Missouri Memorial.

The project was the largest repair and preservation effort of the USS Missouri since its decommissioning in 2010. The project helped return the battleship to her former glory, helping to educate the public about her historic role in times of peace and war.

2018 Preservation Honor Award Battleship Missouri.jpg.jpg

We are honored to have received this recognition and look forward to continuing to utilize our resources, skills, and creativity to celebrate and preserve the things that make Hawaii an incredible place to live and visit.

DJI Ronin-S, Ronin 2, Master Wheels & Flowcine Black Arm


We love our Freefly Movi Pro but sometimes you need a stronger stabilizer for larger payloads and fast movements. Sight & Sound Studios now has the DJI Ronin 2 and Master Wheels in-house! This new system perfectly compliments our Flowcine Black Arm, delivering smooth footage in the roughest of terrains. Contact us today for more information on availability and pricing!


We've also added the new Ronin-S to our inventory! A light-weight gimbal for DSLRs and smaller cameras-- this system is perfect for run-and-gun and fast paced jobs! 


Maui Jim - 2018 Campaign

Sight & Sound Studios had the opportunity to work with Road Pictures for a series of Maui Jim commercials for their 2018 line! Featuring a pristine 1967 International Scout, we traveled in style from the top of Tantalus Lookout to Maili Beach on the west side. Sight & Sound Studios provided all camera equipment (including a Red Helium 8k, Arri Master Primes, Movi Pro), grip & electric trucks and crew! Hope you enjoy these spots as much as we had fun working on them!

‘Born on the Beaches’

‘Discover Greater Clarity’





With a strong background in commercial cinematography, our team speaks the same visual language as our clients do. Sight & Sound Studios has crafted a team of aerial coordinators, pilots and cinematographers to properly permit and capture breathtaking aerial photography and videos from around the globe. We utilize the latest technology in aerial equipment and carry a wide range of drones most suited to capture unique images that tell your story.

Aerial Cinematography Reel // 2018

Hyundai - "The Kona Way"

Sight and Sound hit the roads of Big Island with
Hyundai's new SUV - the KONA


Director: Mike Lee Thomas
Director of Photography: Rob Hauer

Sight & Sound Studios provided camera equipment, car-to-car gimbals + technicians and an aerial/drone unit to help Director of Photography, Rob Hauer, capture these beautiful images throughout the Island of Hawaii.


Will you take the path chosen for you, or choose your own? Sam Potter (https://www.instagram.com/captainpotter), a traveler, and Alicia Ward (https://www.instagram.com/aliciaunderwater), a photographer, come together to discuss finding what you’re truly passionate about and living life the Kona Way.

Sometimes finding your purpose is helping others find theirs. Rowena, a vlogger, and Kai, a fireman, tell their stories of finding purpose and living life the Kona Way.

"TRISS" - Swedish Scratch & Win Commercial

Sight and Sound teamed up with the incredible folks at
Film de Liberté to produce a Swedish lottery commercial!

We provided camera, audio, crew, locations management, food styling, production supervision, an aerial drone unit, and even a lovely classic car rental.

We were also stoked to collaborate for a day with one of our favorite camera technicians, Josh Quick of Salt + Air Studios who tech'd their ShotOver G1 for an ATV rig in Kualoa Ranch. It was all for a commercial to promote the Svenska Spel Triss lottery. Basically like a “scratchers” lottery game in America. Watch the commercial and you’ll see what we mean.


Surround Sound Experience for the USS Missouri (BB-63)


The skies were clear and the air warm at Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1991. The legendary joint base was prepared and anticipating the arrival of the USS Missouri (BB-63) then nearly 47 years old. It was this day that  “Mighty Mo” would make it’s final maneuvers to rest and soon become a bastion of U.S. naval history for tens of thousands of visitors.

74 years since it’s commission- Sight and Sound Studios collaborated with the historians, archivists, and caretakers of the Missouri to craft an audio experience for it’s visitors.

Our team directed, produced, recorded, edited, and implemented everything necessary for the audio installation on the newly restored 04 Level bridge of the battleship.


Producer, Franz Schmutzer, helped develop and breakdown a script written by USS Missouri Memorial Association Archival Assistant, Megan Plaumann, and performed by active service members of the USS John Paul Jones to re-enact the bridge procedures that occured on the day Mighty Mo returned home.

The Missouri’s preservation team searched the island for support on this unique project and had difficulty finding anyone up to the task. It required a multimedia approach and an understanding in a diversity of disciplines. From the first phone call, we were intrigued and excited to implement our team’s technical skills and artistic sensibilities for what was essentially a museum installation.

Authenticity was the primary goal of the endeavor. Bill Maheras, the owner of Sight and Sound, has spent decades working on battleships and with military personnel and assumed the role of director to guide the servicemen through the recording. We brought professional audio engineers and long-time collaborators Steve DeFeo and Robert Dickerson in to manage the field mix and recording, which was done within the actual space of the bridge, adding to the atmosphere and style of the piece. Kevin Sawicki lent his technical skills to plan and implement a surround sound system that could be integrated into the bridge and playback the voices of each sailor from their actual stations within the physical space.


Battleship Missouri Memorial Curator, Mike Weidenbach:

Working with your team, from the moment [we] walked into your studio, it has all been very positive. We knew from the beginning that we’d found a professional team that understood what we were attempting to create, and were eager and able to work with us to make it happen…and you have.

I hope that by saying “you have” it doesn’t sound like I’m saying simply “good enough”. What I mean is that the result is exactly consistent with the authentic sound I’d hoped we’d achieve, purposefully nothing more or less than authentic.

I’m confident that our 1500-2000 visitors a day will feel themselves there, hearing what they would have heard aboard this battleship as she arrived in Pearl Harbor for the 50th anniversary of the December 7th attack.

We are proud to have been a part of this historical project.

Visit https://www.ussmissouri.org/ for information about visiting the memorial and experiencing it yourself.

ASUS ZenFone 4 - Hana Productions

Sight & Sound Studios teamed up with Asus & Hana Productions to create memorable lifestyle content & product shots for the ZenFone 4 by providing preproduction, casting & wardrobe fitting facilities along with crew, cameras, AKS, a grip package and vehicles throughout 4 days of production. Rooftop birthday parties surrounded by cityscape, entire days spent on pristine beaches with friends, exploring Waikiki by day and by night -- these videos truly encapsulate the diversity Oahu has to offer.

Check out the ZenFone 4 at the ASUS store!



Remember boy bands?
(Maybe you don't want to!)
Synchronized dancing. 90's-chic. Screaming tweens.
After working with Korea's biggest boy band idols - Sight & Sound votes we bring them back!

WINNER's new song LOVE ME LOVE ME hit the top of the charts -- grossing over 2 million views on YouTube and #1 in iTunes in over 30 countries within the first 12 hours!

The K-Pop sensation arrived in Hawaii in need of complete camera, grip, lighting, production supplies, video monitoring, vehicles, and crew. Lucky they found us right?

Offering a comprehensive equipment and production services solution, Sight & Sound was able to collaborate with the international team to dial in the package within a budget and within a quick turn around.

Advising on gear, shots, locations, personnel and making it all happen is what we do best.

NEGOTIATOR (谈判官): Season 2 Finale


Sight & Sound Studios provided crew, logistics, locations and the camera and G&E package for the Chinese TV Show: NEGOTIATOR (谈判官) featuring Mi Yang (杨幂) & Zitao Huang (黄子韬) -- Directed by Liu Yi Zhi (刘义志). The first season was the highest rated drama series in China

The Freefly MoVi Pro was integral to the pace of production and the DP's aesthetic needs. We had the opportunity to speak with New York City based Camera Operator / MoVi Tech, Ryan Hamelin, about his experience in Hawaii.

Hey Ryan, it's Kevin from Sight & Sound Studios! Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us-- Let's dive right into it!

How did you first get involved with the Negotiator?

"We were recommended by another DP who wasn't able to shoot the show due to other time commitments. We had previously worked with the parent production company on a dance video DP'd by Ming Ju Hue and this was our first time working with Gordon Yu and the rest of the New York Team. Prior to New York the show had been shooting in China for somewhere between 50-60 straight days with only a single day off for the Chinese New Year. They arrived in New York City and we immediately began an 8 day stretch which ended with a plane ride to Hawaii and all you lovely guys at Sight & Sound Studios."

How was shooting in Hawaii different than New York City?

"Interestingly enough, shooting in Hawaii was much more similar to shooting in NYC than we expected. There wasn't really any new slang lingo for specific equipment like we deal with on international shoots, and the crew transportation and permitting were all very similar obstacles to running a shoot of that size back in Manhattan. Hawaii is uniformly gorgeous though, so I'm sure that made picking specific shooting locations a challenge simply due to the wealth and variety of picturesque scenery.

I'd say our favorite day of shooting was probably our boat to boat day. We don't often get asked to do water based shooting, and it was definitely a fun challenge to coordinate all the moving parts and determine what to shoot when. The MoVi handled the waves like a champ too, and considering everything we had to accomplish, I think the day went very smoothly. I also remember our car to car stuff fondly, but that's mostly because we ended up strapping into a kneeling position in the back of a pickup truck before driving all over an incredible park."

Ryan Hamelin operating Sight & Sound's Movi Pro to film the Holokai Catamaran in the distance.

Ryan Hamelin filming car to car in Kualoa Ranch.

What are some of your favorite features with the new Movi Pro system and how do you think Freefly Systems are it changing the game?

"The MoVi Pro is really the gimbal everyone's been waiting for since the original M10 launched 3 and a half years ago. Sure it's got stronger motors, sure it's got a slightly improved payload capacity, but the real features are in the details. The integrated power system that allows the gimbal and a series of convenient p-tap ports to be powered off of hot swappable batteries is a huge deal for us as we're often running camera power and accessory power from multiple places at once. We actually had to invent a similar system to accomplish this goal with earlier hardware, so upgrading to the pro and not having to deal with that kind of cable management was a relief.

The ring with built in feet is such a smart design decision, because now you don't need a to be able to dock the gimbal, you can simply set it down. It makes building and balancing more convenient and frees up the operator to be more flexible with when and how they choose to utilize the rig. Paired with a
Ready Rig, I think you have the perfect combination of size and support for almost any camera package."

Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

What was your favorite thing to do in Hawaii when you're not working?

"We didn't have a lot of down time during the shoot unfortunately, but hitting up the Japanese Market at Shirokiya was definitely a highlight. After the job was over we were able to fly to a couple other islands and hike Shifting Sands National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Seeing active volcanoes, even from a distance, was a pretty incredible experience, and we really just wanted to keep exploring the islands. Hopefully we'll get a chance to return soon."

Check out Ryan's Reel & Websites
- https://vimeo.com/110717265
- www.climbinghigherpictures.com
- www.ryanhamelin.com

Negotiator premieres in 2018 with an anticipated audience of over 1 billion people! Be sure to check it out (with subtitles)

Welcome to Food Paradise

FS7 Slider He_eia Kea Pier

It was a pleasure to work with O'Malley Productions on the Hawaii episodes for Season 8 of Travel Channel's Food Paradise. Sight & Sound provided grip, electric, and crew, with Franz Schmutzer and collaborator Michael Ogasawara stepping out to Gaff the episodes. We also provided Production Assistants and other crew for both Oahu and Kauai segments.

LED lighting, Kino Flos, a Grip Truck package, and a basic slider kit was the daily deal. But these simple tools made this food show extra spicy.

Season 8 premieres late fall 2017

Season 8 premieres late fall 2017


After a life long journey, a lone conquistador inches closer to his mythical destination within the South American jungle.

After a life long journey, a lone conquistador inches closer to his mythical destination within the South American jungle.

Sometimes you get a chance to do it for the love.

We spend hours, days, and months in the production trenches with our crew comrades and we've all spent time on set talking about our scripts, our pitches, and our passion projects. Often these are just dreams, but every once in a while, we look around at each other and at the resources and talent at our disposal and say "Let's do it!"

Years ago, director Austin Everett snapped a pic of actor Nick Masciangelo wearing a prop helmet in the production office and liked what he saw. Fast-forward to 2016 where he and local producer Concepcion Alicino are wrapping up post and festival submissions on their first feature-length film Secondhand Hearts and decided to keep up the momentum. In partnership with Executive Producer and long time supporter of the local film industry Moumen El Hajji, "Connie" and Austin tapped Bill Maheras to DP and suddenly the full force of Sight & Sound was backing it.

Juventud (HOO-ven-TOOD) was a bloody metaphysical trip into the wilderness (and so was the movie!)

Some of the most talented artists and technicians in the state came out to play with us: Stephen Bacquet - gaffer, Matthew Berner - 1st AC, Darin Fujimori - Stunt Coordinator, Michael Romano - Colorist, Alana Hong - Production Designer, Chantal Boom'la - Make-up Artist, and many more friends and hands that came out to support a local creation.

Cinematographer Bill Maheras utilized our ARRI Amira camera system with Zeiss Superspeed MKIII prime glass. The vintage glass lent an appropriate quality to the period imagery and intense performances, organically softening the picture while still grounding it in gritty realism. Working in tropical forest, with rain, live animals, rivers, and waterfalls - it certainly helps to have T1.3 as an option when you start moving your camera into a literal heart of darkness.

Juventud is making the festival rounds now and we will keep you updated on any public screenings in Hawaii.

Director: Austin Everett & Actor: Nick Masciangelo

Director: Austin Everett & Actor: Nick Masciangelo

AC: Matt Berner, DP: Bill Maheras, Gaffer: Stephen Bacquet

AC: Matt Berner, DP: Bill Maheras, Gaffer: Stephen Bacquet

Actor: Mason Masciangelo

Actor: Mason Masciangelo

Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Nick & Mason Masciangelo

Nick & Mason Masciangelo

Eliquis - The Path to a Successful Production

Native Content & Publicis North America worked closely with Sight & Sound Studios to help coordinate, equip and crew the Camera, Grip, Video Assist and Sound Department. Seasoned location manager, Jim Triplett, secured a number of stunning locations across the island of Oahu; from Makapu'u ridge to Kualoa Ranch.

"When Native Content approached us for Video Assist services, I was excited for the challenge. I was told that we'd be hitting a lot of remote locations, multiple company moves per day and limited available power; being flexible and mobile was a necessity. 

Our mobile QTAKE system was able the meet and exceed the production's expectations. I worked primarily out of a pickup truck; that way I could quickly deploy, wrap and move to the next location; important for a 1-man department. The Director, DP and Creative Team loved that QTAKE was able to quickly overlay graphic elements with a live view to assist with framing and visualize the final commercial as we were shooting it!"

-- Kevin Sawicki, VTR Operator