LTO is the most reliable and cost effective long-term storage medium for digital motion picture assests. Often the same, or less, cost than using spinning external hard disk drives, LTO provides a serious layer of comfort and can fufill insurance requirements with rock solid reliability. Tape shelf life is rated for 30 years minimum so you can be certain you won't lose a single frame.

Give us a call to discuss the particulars of your archival project.

Backups Receive a complete checksummed verify pass
We utilize the industry standard BRU software
Data privacy is taken very seriously
No traces of your backup data are maintained on our systems
Backups are performed by knowledgable, technical staff

Restores can be for entire tapes or individual files
All that is needed is the LTO tape & index fIles
Slower disks will increase the time required to decompress data from the tape
Bring a drive with enough free space to encompass the restore data

We accept MacOS (HFS+) or NTFS formatted drives
Your drive must sustain 200MB/sec I/O
We suggest making two copies of each tape for long-term peace of mind
Index and catalog will be delivered via secure FTP or thumb drive
It is the responsibility of the client to maintain index data
Failure to store tapes properly can result in reduced lifespan

Full 2.5TB LTO-6$390
Full 1.5TB LTO-5$310
Restore from tape (Hourly)$35
Transfer to high speed RAID (Hourly)$25