Honda EU 2000 Super Quiet Portable Generator (Full Tank Included) $75
Honda EX 6500is Portable Generator (Full Tank Included)$225
Honda EU7000is Portable Generator (Full Tank Included)$225
5 Gallon Full Gas Can$25
20kW Generator (Truck & Operator)Call for Pricing
40kW Generator (Truck & Operator)Call for Pricing
60kW Generator (Truck & Operator)Call for Pricing
100kW Generator (Truck & Operator)Call for Pricing
+ BANDED, 2/0 & 4/0

50' Banded #2, 5 Wire Cable$15
50' 2/0 Individual Cable$12
50' 4/0 Individual Cable$15


25' Bates Whip 120V/60A $15
50' Bates Whip 120V/60A$10
25' Bates Whip 120V/100A$12
50' Bates Whip 120V/100A$15
50' Bates Whip 240V/100A$15


120V/60A Bates to 2x 60A Bates Splitter$10
120V/100A Bates to 2x 100A Bates Splitter$10
120V/100A to 2x 60A Female Bates Splitter$10
120V (x2) Male Bates To 240V (x1) Female Bates$25
240V Snake Bite (Camloc Male To 100A/220V Bates Female)$15
240V/100A Camlock To x3 220V/100A Bates (Snakebite Splitter)$25
Tie In Bare Ends (#2, 5 Wire)$15
Tie In Clips (Trico Small 100A, #2, 5 Wire)$15
Camlock Three-fer$15
Cam Ground Squid 1 Female to 5 Male$20


Distro Box 400A & Single Phase (No Pass Through)$50
Distro Box 600A & 3 Phase (x6 120V/100A)$75
Distro Box 900A & 3 Phase (x3 120V/100A & x3 220V/100A)$100
Distro Box 900A & 3 Phase (x9 120V/100A)$100
Lex Camlock x3 100A Input (x15 20A Edison)$75
Lunchbox 100A (x5 20A Edison & Pass Through)$20
Lex 400Amp 3 Phase Cam-Type Spider Box$75


25' Stinger12/3$3.50
50' Stinger12/3$3.50
100' Stinger12/3$6


Rubber Mat$3
Yellow Jacket 5 Wire Cable Crossings$15


Inverter 300w (12V)$20
Inverter 600w (12V)$25
Inverter 1kW$30