+ 10"x12" SCRIMS & FLAGS

Open End Single Net$2
Open End Double Net$2
Open End Lavender Net$2
Open End China Silk$2
Open End Artificial Silk$2
Solid Flag$2

+ 12"x18" SCRIMS & FLAGS

Open End Single Net$3
Open End Double Net$3
Open End Lavender Net$3
Open End Silk$3
Open End Silk China Black$3
Solid Flag$3

+ 18"x24" SCRIMS & FLAGS

Open End Single Net$4
Open End Double Net$4
Open End Lavender Net$6
Open End China Silk$4
Open End Artificial Silk$4
Open End China Silk Black$6
Solid Flag$4
Celo Cucoloris$4
Empty Knife Blade Frame$4
Wood Cucoloris$4


¼ CTB$7
½ CTB$7
Full CTB$7
⅛ CTO$7
¼ CTO$7
½ CTO$7
Fulll CTO$7
⅛ CTS$7
¼ CTS$7
½ CTS$7
Fulll CTS$7
255 ⅛ Diff$7
251 ¼ Diff$7
250 ½ Diff$7
216 Full Diff$7
3004 ½ Soft Frost$7
3002 Soft Frost$7
3029 Silent Frost$7
¼ Light Grid Silent$7
3062 Light Grid Silent$7

+ 24"x36" SCRIMS & FLAGS

Open End Single Net$5
Open End Double Net$5
Open End Lavender Net$5
Open End Artificial Silk$5
Open End China Silk$5
Open End Black Silk$6
Solid Flag$5
Empty Knife Blade Frame$5
Wood Cucoloris$5
Celo Cucoloris$6


¼ CTB$12
½ CTB$12
Full CTB$12
⅛ CTO$12
¼ CTO$12
½ CTO$12
Fulll CTO$12
⅛ CTS$12
¼ CTS$12
½ CTS$12
Fulll CTS$12
255 ⅛ Diff$12
251 ¼ Diff$12
250 ½ Diff$12
216 Full Diff$12
3004 ½ Soft Frost$12
3002 Soft Frost$12
3029 Silent Frost$12
¼ Light Grid Silent$12
3062 Light Grid Silent$12

+ 36"x36" SCRIMS & FLAGS

Open Frame$5.50

+ 4'x4' SCRIMS & FLAGS

Single Net$12
Double Net$12
Lavender Net$12
Artificial Silk$12
China Silk$12
Black Silk$6
Solid Flag$12
Solid Floppy Flag$12
Wood Cucoloris$12
Celo Cucoloris$12
White Bounce$12
Gold Lame$12
Metal Flag$12
Silver Lame$12
Bleached Muslin Floppy Opens to 48"x96"$12
Un-Bleached Muslin Floppy Opens to 48"x96"$12
Empty Knife Blade Frame$8


¼ CTB$15
½ CTB$15
Full CTB$15
⅛ CTO$15
¼ CTO$15
½ CTO$15
Fulll CTO$15
⅛ CTS$15
¼ CTS$15
½ CTS$15
Fulll CTS$15
252 ⅛ Diff$15
251 ¼ Diff$15
250 ½ Diff$15
216 Full Diff$15
3004 ½ Soft Frost$15
3002 Soft Frost$15
3029 Silent Frost$15
¼ Light Grid Silent$15
3062 Light Grid Silent$15
253 Hampshire Frost$15
3020 Light Opal Tough Frost$15
Hi Lite$15


10"x42" Opens to 20"x42"$8
18"x48" Cutter Floppy Opens to 36"x48"$8
24"x48" Cutter Floppy$10
24"x60" Cutter Floppy Opens to 48"x60"$15
24"x72" Cutter$15


10" Dot Set$10
12" Finger Set X2$10
14" Finger Set X4$10
3" Dot Set$10
6" Dot Set$10
8" Dot Set$10
Flex Arm$4
10"x12" Single Net For Flex Arms$4
10"x12" Double Net For Flex Arms$4
10"x12" Lavender For Flex Arms$4
10"x12" Silk For Flex Arms$4
10"x12" Black Silk For Flex Arms$4
10"x12" Solid For Flex Arms$4