Sony PVM-A170

Sony PVM-A250

Accurate Black Reproduction
Unlike many alternative display technologies, the OLED panel used in the Sony Trimaster EL Series features the ability to turn each pixel completely off so that no luminance signal is added to parts of the image recorded as black.

Super Top Emission Technology
Designed to provide a wide color gamut with accurate color reproduction throughout the luminance range of the picture.

Faster Response Time than LCD Panels
The gray-to-gray switching of the Sony Trimaster EL Series is faster than comparable LCD-based displays. This helps eliminate ghosting, motion blur (that is not naturally part of the scene), and other artifacts that reduce image quality

Wide Angle of View
Provides better off-axis viewing than many LCD-based alternatives, allowing users to accurately evaluate the image even if positioned off to the side. It features an 89° viewing angle in all directions while the contrast ratio remains above 10:1.