Filming a Golden Tribute to History

The morning of December 7, 1941 is one of the most significant events in United States history. In collaboration with Full Throttle Pictures, the U.S. Money Reserve, and the U.S. Navy - Sight & Sound Studios produced a show for the upcoming release of a 75th Anniversary commemorative solid gold coin as a tribute to the men and women whose lives were forever changed that day.

Sight & Sound brought together a great team for the endeavor - filling the positions of all the local crew including: gaffer, grips, audio technician, teleprompter, camera assistants, jib operator, data manager, make-up artist, script supervisor, wardrobe stylist, production assistants, and craft services. We’re lucky to have been in this business long enough to know who to call to get the job done right. The production was shot using our ARRI Amira package with our ARRI Ultraprime kit, the Fujinon Alura 45-250, and the Fujinon Cabrio 19-90.

Mark Morgan of Steadicam Hawaii provided his Panther Advanced Foxy Jib system which looked pretty amazing swinging down from the forward guns of the historic Battleship Missouri Memorial. With 18kW HMI lighting, gaffer Bill Maheras facilitated the epic cinematic looks that this story required.

After our foray on the Battleship we had the unique opportunity to meet several survivors of the attack. Bill switched roles (as he often does) from gaffer to cinematographer to visit them in their homes and record their stories. Sterling Cale - who spent the day pulling the dead and injured from the oily waters of the harbor, Herbert Weatherwax – part Native Hawaiian who spoke of the paranoia and mistreatment of Japanese Americans, Alfred Rodrigues a storekeeper at Bishop’s Point who viewed the attack firsthand, and Everett Hyland who was on board the USS Pennsylvania and was originally “tagged” dead after his gun turret was struck by a bomb blast.

These men are living history, and an incredible reminder of where we’ve come from as a nation.

Sight & Sound Studios is proud to have been a part of this undertaking and we are honored to have the privilege to help keep our history alive.