Tommy Bahama -- Peden & Munk

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Sight + Sound Studios teamed up with the talented duo, Peden + Munk, to capture the gorgeous Tommy Bahama Retail Store, Restaurant & Bar located on Beachwalk Drive in Waikiki. Throughout the course of a week, we were able meet and exceed our client's expectations and capture some amazing footage. We couldn't have done it without our amazing crew and precise coordination.

"Tell us about your experience with Sight + Sound Studios?"

"Superior. Definitely praise worthy. As an executive producer and your client I can say that not only did you offer me the best (and cleanest) equipment but the level of service was amazing. The Crew was knowledgable, armed with an amazing attitude and great character and solutions to the multitude of problems thrown at them. Part of what makes Sight & Sound a complete professional stand out is not only the available high level of equipment nor the company's vast resources but its people. An absolute A team was assembled thanks to them. Everyone was on top of their game, not a "no" or "not my job" in the bunch. Serious hard working men and women who love what they do. My project would have not been met with the same amazing outcome without Sight & Sound. Knowing that even my clients were blown away by everyone's work output and ethic made the experience that much more amazing."
      - Brian Howard - Executive Producer


"My experience with Sight + Sound Studios has been always great! High standards and professionalism.  The staff/crew know what they are doing and are masters in their craft. This is the first time working so close with S+S as a Line Producer/AD. The result, total success! The representatives at Sight + Sound were able to accomplished what was required elegantly, efficiently and effectively, always with a grounding and calming attitude both amazing qualities in the mist of an aggressive industry that is in constant flux. I am aware that S+S staff was involved in several projects during the preproduction of the Tommy Bahama Shoot, yet I don't know how they did it, they were always there and always responded. They handpicked an amazing crew that worked in great harmony and had high aloha spirit, mandatory in any production. I was personally told by the client several complements about the crew, they really admired every single one and noticed that they had nothing but an A+ team for their project. Communication with Sight + Sound was always transparent, honest, direct, respectful, they listened always and provided helpful feedback when needed. Although the Sight + Sound Staff always had a "yes" approach, I do admire that they were also able to set up realistic boundaries and say "no" if it is necessary in a gracious way with a proper explanation."
      - Fe Bailey - Hawaii Based Line Producer / AD

Thanks again to our amazing Clients and Crew! Looking forward to seeing the final edit in the up and coming months. Cheers!