Eliquis - The Path to a Successful Production

Native Content & Publicis North America worked closely with Sight & Sound Studios to help coordinate, equip and crew the Camera, Grip, Video Assist and Sound Department. Seasoned location manager, Jim Triplett, secured a number of stunning locations across the island of Oahu; from Makapu'u ridge to Kualoa Ranch.

"When Native Content approached us for Video Assist services, I was excited for the challenge. I was told that we'd be hitting a lot of remote locations, multiple company moves per day and limited available power; being flexible and mobile was a necessity. 

Our mobile QTAKE system was able the meet and exceed the production's expectations. I worked primarily out of a pickup truck; that way I could quickly deploy, wrap and move to the next location; important for a 1-man department. The Director, DP and Creative Team loved that QTAKE was able to quickly overlay graphic elements with a live view to assist with framing and visualize the final commercial as we were shooting it!"

-- Kevin Sawicki, VTR Operator