The ARRIMAX is here

Arrimax Arizona Memorial

The ARRIMAX is here! Day for night? How about night for day! Sight+Sound Studios is happy to offer this newly designed par head amidst of our already tapped out arsenal of lights, like any of our Arri 18K or 12K fresnels. On the 75th anniversary of the attack of Pearl Harbor we put the Arrimax to the test for Hawaii News Now's special newscast with Stephanie Lum and Keahi Tucker. Lighting Designer/Key Gaffer, William Maheras, worked throughout the night to have everything ready for Hawaii News Now's Sunrise broadcast; while Stephen Bacquet was on set to gaffe the evening report. Using a single Arrimax, we lit the entire Arizona Memorial from the pier of the USS Missouri, a total distance of 322 yards away! Bacquet flooded the light and dropped a full scrim to get it just right.

The Arrimax is now available in our inventory for your next project.

Some unique features include:

  • 50% brighter than a 12 K PAR
  • 15° to 50° continuous beam angle: standard reflector
  • 8° to 15° beam angle: spot reflector
  • Lens-less design
  • Arc-like shadow quality
  • ARRI eXtreme cooling
  • 18,000W Single Ended (GX51)
  • Easy re-lamping : EZ lamp lock system
  • ARRI Dual Pin Width support (GX51/GX38)


Aircrafts can be photogenic even when grounded, and Sight & Sound proves that whenever we provide lighting and crew for Hawaiian Airlines print & video marketing productions.

In the hanger or on the tarmac, our experienced crew employs ARRI, Cinemills, and K5600 HMI lighting to feature the comfort and convenience offered by the top ranked air carrier in Hawaii.

hawaiian 001.jpg

SX3 goes to the Zoo

Sight & Sound took a trip to the Honolulu Zoo with "Sunrise: On the Road" - Hawaii News Now's live morning show. Providing gaffer/grip equipment & crew, we tried not to wake the Sumatran Tigers before first light.

We employed some of the newer additions to our arsenal, including Kino Flo Parabeam 410 and our FILMGEAR LED 360.