What sets us apart


Sight & Sound is built from the ground up by cinematographer and gaffer William Maheras. We're built with the real-world needs of production in mind.

Over the years, our studio has collected a crew of artists and technicians as diverse as the islands, bringing decades of battle tested on-set knowledge under one roof - that is the foundation of our company. We've been there. We've done that. Let's do it again, but better.

Hawaii is the most isolated land mass on Earth. You have chosen to film there. 
Out in the jungle or deep in the sand - things can get complicated. We've thought it through so that you don't have to. No other facility in the islands offers the thoughtful construction and comprehensive service of Sight & Sound.

Perhaps more so than most companies, our "rental" or "client service" agents are also your crew - often on set as grips, gaffers, camera ops, etc. We do our best to give more personal attention to each production and enjoy working one-on-one with the producers, DPs, and Directors. From the first email inquiry all the way to packing the truck on the last day of the shoot, our unified voice and management leaves less room for miscommunication or error and delivers cohesive results.


The choice of personnel is crucial to the success of any production. Our crew members are chosen for their expertise, reliability and personal qualities. Our experienced team of production specialists will bring your ideas to life with vision, creativity and experience.

Sight & Sound Studios is proud to work closely with Hawaii's I.A.T.S.E. Mixed Local 665, IBEW Local 1260 & I.A.T.S.E. Local 600 members and can also offer non-union set workers from all departments.


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